How to use

How to use

Below shows how you can exercise, legs, hips, spine and neck while inverted gain maximum health benefits to body with out compressing neck/spine as with head on floor yoga method.

The board is seen clipped into a door frame, but can easily removed and stored being so small (19×30 inch) Now since you are supported by your shoulders you can stay inverted and exercise for longer periods than by the yoga method, and gain much, much greater benefits than those claimed in yoga books. Plus no skill, agility or age is needed in using the board all family can use. By you vertically inverting you sake up the body organs making active that all animals need do every day by rolling for healthy life, such the ancient yoga knew. Making your body organs active is more important than the gym type exercise that mainly attends to outer body/shape is like polishing car and ignoring the engine that will result in break down. Although the board is seen clipped into the door frame it can be left permanently install on two separate post in gym or bedroom if required the cost of door clipped board £80 which can bring to home/office to show demonstrate at no obligation.

In box, 2 shoulder irons plus padding, (6) two square long axle tubes, (1) two small metal door plates(5),two metal axle bushes, (3) and 8 small bolts with the white inversion board. Place board on flat table with small hollowed out section(4) facing up and nearest to you and put 4 of bolts up through the 4 bottom holes either side of the hollowed out section. Put one of the black metal bushes (3) on the left hand side 2 bolts so you can screw the nuts on to the bolts (finger tight) that will lock this bush to the board later when you tighten the nuts down later. Take the larger axle, with the welded tongue (2)and slide through the attached bush so that the welded tongue can rest over boards hollow. This axle can not be pushed further through bush as the two weld spots on corner of axle prevent. Slide the remaining bush over the right end of axle and drop on two protruding bolts and attach nuts. Before you tighten the 4 nuts down make sure that the welded metal tongue is centered into hollow as the tongue will strike the side of hollow to prevent the board from revolving too past a 85 degree when being used. Now tighten 4 nuts very tight and being locking nuts should remain so but should be check at time. Just turn the axle a few time to understand what happens when you use the board and how the metal tongue must strike the edge of hollow and acts as a stop. Push the 4 remaining bolts through the board from this side of board being the opposite of the first bolts. Engage a shoulder iron(6) on to protruding bolt and tighten to board with two nuts and again tighten very tight, and repeat with second iron and slide padding onto iron. Slide the other axle into the tongued axle with the end pins the same as other pins and check that can slide in and out smoothly take out and check to see if by revolving it 180 degree it then slides in more easily. Your inversion board to install in.

Once the board is installed into the door opening and it can help if you have a friend standing by when you first invert your body on the board and that you possibly wear heavy shoes that will help you come down more easily.Lean over board and push shoulders firmly into padded shoulder irons and stretch your feet back and back away from board that the balance of board will lift your feet of the floor. Just try to balance like this and your hands will being loose contact with either door frame stiles and would have been sliding down and up stiles as you balance on board and by slight pressure from hands you will come back more firmly with feet on the floor. Practice this a number of times and you will get to feel more comfortable balancing on the board seeing how you can control your body movement on board. When you fill ready to invert have your helper on your head side and as you go over further your hands will slide down the stiles until making contact with the floor your legs must at All Times be stretch out straight this is most Important. You Must not fold legs down about board when inverted or you will find it difficult too come back down, it is that the legs being straight that the balance is achieved. When you push with your hands on the floor the raised legs out straight will help to return your feet back on the floor. Practice this with only going up and then down again so that you will fill at ease and safe when inverted, then you can stay inverted slightly longer while taking a few deep breathes.When standing up you will find that even this will have quickened your heart and that it should also made over internal organs more active, as could be possible that these internal organs are getting gravity pressure from the opposite side of organ.What ever the reason when you do very slight/short leg or exercise when safely inverted heart beat will increase notably so that only short and slight exercise should be attempted initially. But only short period using the board will benefit the bodies internal organs and over all well being than possibly any other exercise. Once you get used to inverting you can then exercise more while inverted but it should not be over done since good health benefits are achieved with little period. While with most exercise the more you exercise the greater the benefit to you outer body carcass but little to make bowel and bladder ogags more active which is the only way to reduce body weigh.

These video of the inversion board and office stretch bar clipped into a door frame can help to understand these two better than text.