• Have a powerful, easy and healthy exercise with our products - no skill required

Yoga Inversion Board & Office Stretch Bar

The above small (30x19inch) board that you can clip into door frame & safely invert the body like the yoga people-head on floor do, but since user is supported by shoulders-no dangerous pressure is put on spine/neck. Since user is supported on two padded shoulder irons any person can use it, no skill needed & can exercise all body including massaging head/face with free hands while inverted to more benefit from extra blood flowing from to these parts. Had developed this patented board when a girl friend damaged her neck while inverting body by head on floor way so had to use frequently while developing & found lost some 28lbs-ish over 6 weeks. The reason I now know is that inverting makes all internal organs more active or bowels/gut are less sluggish resulting that food/liquid pass out of body faster so not staying turning to fat. Thus the only way to lose weight is via bladder/bowels since most all other exercise mainly benefits out body frame while inverting is the best way to benefit every internal organ. Body sweat from exerciseis near unweighable but is much less weight of liquids taken while exercising By inverting diferent pressure is put on opposite side of organs making them more active. When gran dads clock would not go He would just invert it 90 degrees so the gravity would press on opposite side of fly wheel & usually it would become active again the ticking comfirming it. Animals will invert organs by rolling you can’t stop -em so to will a small child given a horizontal bar or branch nature requires it for health reasons.The board requires no skill to use so all family & friends can benefit from using it. After use the board can be immediately un clipped & hang behind the door until used next. The means used to clip board into door frame is very good that I use with the Office Stretch Bar clip in top of frame that can be left clip in frame since it does not interfer with door closure.

Office Stretch Bar considered should be one in every office for the health well being of staff to lessen back & shoulder pains just by hanging from bar with feet in light contact with floor. Even just stretching up to hold bar will help but benefit more if can hang from bar since then carrying total body weight will increace heart rate. Since bar does not interfer with door closure it can be left installed & be more important than having a brake by going to water cooler.

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